Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT11 with arduino Tutorial – Make OLED Termometer

DHT11 with OLED display (DIY thermometer)

DHT11 is cheapest temperature and humidity sensor compare to another sensor. It has 3 pins that we can easily interface with arduino. It uses single-bus operation. DHT11 Specification PCB size 22.0mm X 20.5mm X 1.6mm Working voltage 3.3 or 5V DC Operating voltage 3.3 or 5V DC Measurement range 20-95%RH;0-50℃ Resolution 8bit(temperature),8bit(humidity) Compatible interfaces 2.54 …

Non Contact Temperature Sensor MLX90614 With Arduino Tutorial

MLX90614 contactless temperature sensor

MLX90614 can measure an object temperature without touch the object. It is also can measure high temperature. And it is easy to use with an arduino.

How to use Thermocouple type K (MAX6675) with arduino

max6675 with thermocouple type K

Measure anything temperture with this!