How to use Infrared Remote With arduino

Infrared remote and receiver module for arduino

We can find infrared remote everywhere. Your TV, your Air Conditioner, and so many devices that use infrared remote. How if we build our device that can be controlled by infrared remote too? it’s simple using arduino. We just have to buy an infrared remote module. We will get infrared receiver module and the transmitter. …

How to use relay with arduino

Relay is switch that can be controlled with electronics controller such as microcontroller or arduino. so if you want to connect or disconnect a circuit you can simply use relay. There are so many types of relay in market. But in this tutorial we will learn how to use SPDT relay, which is enough for …

How To Make Relay Driver

relay driver schematic

We can’t use relay directly to microcontroller such as arduino or microprocessor like raspberry pi.