How to use GPS with arduino – GPS NEO 6M tutorial

NEO 6M GPS with arduino

GPS is kind popular right now. Many modern devices use this for tracking purposes or just help you navigate when you are lost. GPS Neo 6M is one of most popular GPS module that we can use easily with arduino. This module use serial to communicate with another device.  NEO 6M GPS Wiring with arduino …

HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor with arduino tutorial

how HC-SR04 ultrasonic works

Distance obtained by calculating how much time required for ultrasonic to travel from transmitter to receiver.

L293D motor driver with arduino

DC motor

If you want to control an DC motor that can run forward or reverse you can do that in many ways. But I want to tell you the simplest way.

How to make Variable Voltage Regulator using LM317

The LM317 device is an adjustable voltage regulator capable of supplying more than 1.5 A over an output-voltage range of 1.25 V to 37 V.

How To Make Relay Driver

relay driver schematic

We can’t use relay directly to microcontroller such as arduino or microprocessor like raspberry pi.

How to use Thermocouple type K (MAX6675) with arduino

max6675 with thermocouple type K

Measure anything temperture with this!